JSM6700F Field Emission SEM. The resolution can reach 10 nanometers. The magnification range is x500 to x430,000 (5 micrometer to 10 nanometer). SE and BSE detectors are attached to the JSM6700F.

Applications include: morphology (particle size and shape) analysis, grain orientation and material structure study, elemental spatial distribution, and phase identification (when equipped with EDS) for the research and education in the fields of materials science and materials development, semiconductor, and biochemistry, product testing, evaluation, failure analysis, and quality control.

Resolution (High Vacuum Mode): 5 nm
Accelerating voltage: x0.5 to 30kV
Images: SEI,BEI ( COMPO, TOPO, Shadow)
Magnification x500 to 430,000
Specimen size < 50 mm
Specimen stage Eucentric goniometer X=80mm, Y=40mm, Z=2 to 18mm, T=-10 to 90, R=360
Electron Gun Field Emission Gun
Gun Bias Automatically settable for all accelerating voltages
Image Shift +1 nanometer or -1 nanometer
Displayed image 1024 x 1024 pixels
Analytical Functions  
Detectable element range: