samp prep


At the heart of EMiL is a fully equipped JEOL electron probe microanalyzer (EPMA) model JXA-8900, JEOL scanning electron microscope model JSM-5610 and JEOL field-emmision SEM JSM-6700F. The JXA-8900 is optimized for quantitative, non-destructive chemical analysis of solid materials on the submicron scale. The JXA-8900 is equipped with backscattered electron, secondary electron, and cathodoluminescence detectors capable of producing "real time" images, or automated images in tandem with x-ray mapping to further characterize the area of interest. The JSM-5610 optimized for imaging submicron scale topography. The JSM-5610 is equipped with secondary and backscattered electron detectors and an Oxford ISIS EDS system, capable of qualitative, pseudo-quantitative analyses, and x-ray mapping. The JSM-6700F optimized for imaging nano scale topography. The magnification range is x500 to x430,000 (5 micrometer to 10 nanometer). SE and BSE detectors are attached to the JSM6700F. Supporting the EPMA and SEM is a state of the art sample preparation facility which is capable of preparing any sample for analysis/imaging.