The Sample Preparation Facility is located in TEC121.
Sample Preparation Equipment List
ECOMETŪ 6 Grinder/Polisher
bullet Manual grinder/polisher
bullet Mechanically driven with powerful 1Hp motor
bullet Simple to use for SEM and probe
bullet Durable RIM cabinetry is chemical resistant and light weight
bullet Variable speed allows operator to tailor speed to material application
bullet 8" (203mm) wheel
Sputter Coater 108 auto
bullet Chamber size: 120mm dia x 120mm height (4.75" x 4.75")
bullet Target: Au fitted as standard, Au:Pd, Pt, Pt:Pd optional; 57mm dia x 0.1mm thick
bullet Holds 12 SEM pin mounts; Height adjustable through 60mm
bullet Low voltage planar magnetron; Quick target change
bullet Automatic operation of gas purge and leak functions,
bullet Automatic process sequencing, Full manual override Digital timer (0-300 sec) with pause, Automatic vent
Carbon evaporation and deposition.