ATTENTION: All USERS are required to have SEM/EPMA training every semester before being allowed to operate the SEM or EPMA with no assistance!

To schedule time on either the EPMA or SEM instruments please do one of the following:

bullet Sign up via email minghua.ren@unlv.edu
bullet Stop by the lab located in SEB 1111 during normal hours

Appointments will be made on a first-come first-serve basis and will be posted on the calendar (click on the calendar to the right to see the schedule).

Training is available to individuals and small groups by appointment only.

  1. Please try to schedule work on either the SEM or EPMA at least one week in advance, as time on the machines can get used up quickly. Machine time requests made for the current week are scheduled at the discretion of the Laboratory manager.
  2. All first time Operators require a minimum of 1 hour of training in order to operate the instruments unassisted (actual training time may vary and is determined by the Lab manager).
  3. It is the responsibility of the individual user to cancel appointments either by sending an email to minghua.ren@unlv.edu, or by canceling online (Note: Users must have an assigned user name and password to use this option).
  4. If the user does not cancel the appointment at least by the day before then the user will be billed for the time specified on the calendar.

  Click on the EMIL calendar
             to see schedule