Scanning electron microscopes (SEM) are essential tools for quality control, analytical testing, and materials development, employed widely from production lines to research and development laboratories. Applications include research and education, materials development in the fields of materials science, semiconductor, and biochemistry, product testing, evaluation, failure analysis, and quality control in the areas of electronics, machinery, automobile, construction, food, textile, and chemicals.

Resolution (High Vacuum Mode): 1um
Accelerating voltage: x0.5 to 30kV (53 steps)
Images: SEI, BEI (COMPO, TOPO,Shadow), EBSD, CL
Magnification x35 to 100,000 (in 136 steps)
Specimen size < 150mm
Specimen stage Eucentric goniometer X=80mm, Y=40mm, Z=5 to 48mm, T=-10 to 90, R=360
Electron Gun W filament
Gun Bias Automatically settable for all accelerating voltages
Image Shift +12 micrometer or -12 micrometer
Displayed image 640 x 480 pixels
Analytical Functions Oxford ISIS EDS system
Detectable element range: 5B to 92U