EMiL is capable of providing microanalysis and imaging services in the following area's;
bullet Failure Analysis,
bullet Research development,
bullet Forensics,
bullet Product development,
bullet Quality control,
bullet Troubleshooting.

EMiL is an approved supplier for Yucca Mountain site characterization work, and has approved procedures that meet the requirements of NQA-1 and OCRWM's Quality Assurance Requirement Description.

To probe or not to probe?

If you require any of the following then you need the EPMA.
bullet Quantitative analyses with precision accuracy better than 0.1%.
bullet Analysis of light elements such as Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen Oxygen, with better than an order of magnitude higher sensitivity than available with EDS instruments.
bullet Resolution of severely overlapped spectrum peaks .
bullet Lower detection limits (100ppm) over the entire range of analyzable elements in the periodic table.
bullet Faster, more efficient elemental mapping of large and small areas.
If you do not require any of the above then you can use the SEM.